Selene devours a giant Ogre

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Posted: 08.10.2020
Duration: 00:09:08
Resolution: 1920x1080
Size: 988.13 Mb

Our most extreme Goddess of insertions ‘Queen Selene’ stars in this record breaking movie, devouring the gargantuan 4XL ‘Ogre’ dildo from “Hankeys Toys’, entirely to the base in her ‘Worlds Biggest Pussy’! There really is no other lady on earth that can possibly perform this mind blowing penetration. The enormous Ogre dildo measures a colossal 14.5′ height x 5′ thick and was probably never intended for full insertion, at least not for any regular monster cock craving whore, but Selene is even more extreme than this! She certainly doesn’t hold the title of the “Worlds Biggest Pussy” for nothing! Watch in amazement as she lubes up this almighty toy and squats on it entirely to the base almost instantly! WOW! We have no idea how she does these incredibly deep and thick penetrations, but there’s really only one place all of that humongous dildo could have possibly gone, her Womb!!! She gyrates and rolls around on the Ogre whilst its buried inside her to the base with her legs spread wide in the splits position, bending and forcing it’s massive shaft into every crevice of her vaginal anatomy! She also slams her entire body weight relentlessly up and down, from top to bottom whilst screaming in the most explosive, satisfying orgasms we’ve seen from her. This really is an incredible movie from our most outrageous performer, once again blowing the boundaries of cunt destruction into obscene new levels that is so addictive to view!

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