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Posted: 12.01.2022
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Jane Wilde and Chanel Gray – Wow! They’re kinda sluts! Published: November 28, 2020 Jane Wilde (18 years old) and Chanel Grey (18 years old) are getting ready for a night out, when they discover that some of the laundry had become mixed up. They decide to take a look at the laundry because they haven’t washed their clothes in a while and don’t have any clothes to wear. The girls start to sort through the massive pile. As they take out items such as shirts, leggings and underwear from the pile, they recall an anecdote about how it got dirtied. Finally they give up looking through the pile. Realizing that they can’t find anything suitable, they joke that sex is their only true passion. Chanel jokes that they shouldn’t go out without clothes. Jane smiles at Jane and licks her lips, obviously curious. They excitedly move the laundry pile from the bed.

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